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Sourdough Beginnings

As I mentioned in this post I started my journey in sourdough bread making this past November. I didn’t jump on the bandwagon during the pandemic, it seemed like a lot of work for bread. I have baked regular bread most of my adult life. I had slowed my baking down for a few reasons, one being my diabetic body and the two people I live with aren’t big bread eaters. (I know – I don’t get it either!) Although I see they do enjoy this sourdough more than most bread products so it’s not going to waste so far!

I have found two recipes that work pretty good in my kitchen and turn out most of the time for me. I’ve learned a few things and there is way more to learn but not sure how far I’ll dive into it honestly. I’d like to master a good loaf pan version, that way I could buy even less regular wheat bread from the store. I took a beginner class with Turner Farms out of Canada too. It was helpful. The two recipes I currently use are from Alethia Truly You and Wild Oaks Farms which I found on Instagram. Wild Oaks actually sells a dehydrated starter on their Etsy page. I like Altheia’s because it’s simple and less time consuming and turns out great. Wild Oaks make two loaves and since they live in my neighboring state of Missouri I figured the recipe might work well here in Kansas. Both usually turn out good and we have enjoyed them. I gifted some at Christmas as well.

My two favorite ways to eat sourdough is the following ways. Toasted with butter and my homemade peach jam or toasted with avocado, bacon and a soft egg on top! YUMMY!

I’ve had some real flops of bread in this process and it was very discouraging in the beginning but I had invested so much time, energy, flour and some utensils I felt obligated to stick with it. I just had to remember what it was like for me when I started quilting… my latest quilt doesn’t look like my first quilt! So keep going if you are starting something new! You got this!

My husband and youngest daughter gave me one of the best gifts for Christmas! The best part was that they made it together and that they kept it a TOTAL surprise. I love it, I really do. It’s a homemade bread knife! I plan to have my oldest daughter wood burn something on it too!

The entertaining kitchen is more for my own entertainment these days verses others. It’s still one of my favorite places to be in this world! My quilt room is a pretty close second though!

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