National Adoption Month – November 2022

I haven’t written about adoption in quite some time. I used to do a blog series on it every November where I shared other people’s adoption stories. This year I decided to write a little something in honor of our daughter. PV is now over fourteen and although she is adopted there are days none of us, including her remember it. It’s not something we dwell on but do openly talk about periodically.

When I think back to our story of meeting her and becoming her parents it still pulls at my heart strings. The timing of it all and how things fell into place both emotionally and financially. I know that adoption is not the easiest road to travel at times but I can honestly say that in our family we felt it was very worth the trip!

Our daughter is a typical teenager and yet unique in her own way. Some days I wonder how much of who she is comes from nature or nurture. Watching her grow into herself, which is still occuring to growing into our family has been a treasure for us. God allowed us many things through our adoption experience. For as long as we live adoption will touch our lives in our own story, our own way. What lies ahead we do not know but thus far the journey has been one with love, some explanation, wonder and a few questions.

I had never, in all my life watched anyone literally fall in love. Sure I’d felt it myself but never really saw with my own eyes the physical, emotional act. On the day of our daughter’s birth I watched my husband do just that. This was his first child, we met her 15 minutes after her birth.

That opportunity to witness and feel from the outside was a gift that is a memory I hope to never lose. It’s one of my top five gifts in life.

The bawling baby girl with dark curly hair we met that morning with the smallest of fingers to wrap around ours to the now reserved, straight brown haired, curvy back, dog loving girl we call ours has made our family complete on the immediate level. I only hope I get to be around long enough to watch her grow into the woman God intends her to be.

Our parenting in all it’s flaws and successes have created her to be some of us, her DNA guides her body in other manners but whomever she becomes we will love her, we will continue to call her family. We will continue to be thankful that God chose us to be her Dad and Mom.

In honor of National Adoption Month I celebrate the life of PV. The roads she has traveled, will travel and limits she will push through and the love she will give to the world may it come back to her threefold. May the adoption world be one that most feel blessed in, honored and given opportunity to live without judgement.

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