2021 · family · marriage

Hands We Hold

I wrote the following in October 2021. It was a day I was at the hospital to have my annual mammogram. I can still see these two couples clearly in my mind today. Which I am grateful I am able too.

As I sat in the hospital waiting room to be called I looked around. Seeing the image before me, my mind took note and thought, “that’s our future.” Two couples both being older, one probably 15 years and the other more like 30. Since it seems I’ve spent more time in hospitals and doctor’s offices in the past year or two with minor ailments this image isn’t surprising or my current thoughts.

Then I look a little bit closer. What do I see but the two husbands with their hands extended over holding their beloved’s hands. At the same time like saying “honey, I’ve got you, I’m here. I’m not going anywhere.” The image made my heart feel fullness and hope. Hope for the world around me. Hope that partners in life can perhaps weather storms, as I am sure these two couples have and come out in the end together.

We can only hope that we are lucky enough to be loved liked that. Know matter the journey you’re in or coming out of, that you have someone with you. Holding your hand.

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