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VVDDP – 2018 Edition- Food, Fun, & Friends

Group VVDDP 2018

These people made me laugh long before the actual dinner party.  If you want to see why, later in the post there is a link to post number two of VVDDP – 2018.   The games started earlier than our night of fun!

This post brings to light the food we ate, the games we played, and the decorations my husband so lovingly hung for me! 🙂  We kept things pretty simple but it was still a great time!


We used the little somberos on the plates as name cards for our seating.  I had to know where people were sitting because we played this Plate Game during the meal.  We gave each guest a “phrase or statement” to say and the point was to not get caught saying it.  It was fun and some of the statements I pulled from the internet, others I made up!

Did you know if you bang your head against a wall it burns 150 calories.

Did you know that hippos sweat red?

For the first time we asked our friends to bring some of the food.  They brought some super yummy stuff! Homemade Spanish rice, refried beans, salsa and guacamole! They all know how to cook and they did it well! 🙂


Menu for our buffet

Baked Chicken Chimichangas

Ground Beef Chimichangas

Tacos (Hard shell & Soft shell)

Cheese Enchiladas

Spanish Rice

Refried Beans

Chips, Salsa, Guacamole

Dessert:  Truffles

Chocolate Peanut Butter 

Key Lime

Pecan Sandie 

They were all tasty but our favorite was the Chocolate Peanut Butter.


After we ate, to keep things lively while visiting at the table we handed out this Love Song game sheet.  They did very well and we were impressed with our friends music knowledge!

It was finally time to watch the Selfie Scavenger Date Challenge video!  Our guests refilled their drinks and made themselves comfortable in the living room! It was show time!

To see the blog post on it, please click the link below! The blog post would be super long if I didn’t separate it this year!

VVDDP 2018 Selfie Scavenger Date Challenge!

After we watched the video it was finally time to play the main game for the prizes!  To be honest I procrastinated with choosing a game to play.  We ended up going with Charades.  A good ol’ stand-by and honestly it was fun to watch the couples compete! We had one couple that really stayed ahead most of the time, then they missed one, and another couple ended up tying them!

Sumo Wrestling Charades
Tie breaker = SUMO WRESTLING

SO! That meant that we had to have a tie-breaker!  They came up with Milton & I acting out the tie-breaker, and whomever got it right first won the grand prize.

Well it didn’t take but maybe 5 seconds for that team that had been behind to take first place!  Congrats to my dear friends G & S!  I hope they enjoy the quilt I made and the goodies for a little snack time picnic!

Grand prize winners




We ended the evening with just relaxing and visiting.  It was a time of catching up and laughter most all the night.  Good times really are gems, aren’t they?  Time with friends and laughter and being silly.  It’s just what this gal needed and both Milton and I feel so lucky to call these folks our friends!


2018 VVDDP Highlights

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Party Favors for the guests were!

Valentine teatowel embroidery

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