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2018 Soybean Harvest

I think #caseih should pay me for this shot! Isn’t it beautiful! 🙂 


Soybean harvest barely got started last night.  My husband decided to make his way to the field that was close to the farm yard and begin cutting.  Unfortunately it was not in the cards although the beans are ready to be harvested.

Soybeans on Farvers. Beans are ready although leaves are still alittle green.

Our grain semi is already in the shop getting a new radiator

so we are down 1 large truck!



When he went to take the regular grain truck to the field I could hear from inside our house he was having issues.  It just wasn’t wanting to go anywhere.  The combine as well had an issue.  The hydraulic quick cupler ( ya I didn’t know what it was either) is leaking oil.  So his Friday morning was spent making a parts run for the equipment we need!

As I headed to my town job I dropped him off and was able to get some good photos for the blog and our annual calendar.  I am so glad the sunrise was magnificent today!  My husband makes for a nice model too! 🙂


Our fall is usually quite busy as I have mentioned and it is just getting started.  He has been working to get the grain drill prepped as well for wheat sowing. Before long he will have long days that end in the late nights.  But he loves what he does so I suppose that is a blessing. Sometimes (okay a lot of the time) this farm wife doesn’t get it or like it, but it provides at this point for our family So that and his cute smile helps my attitude! 🙂

Blue Wood

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