Corn Time!

On Saturday evening, MV decided to test the irrigated corn to see if it is ready to cut.  He went to the field and shucked a few ears by hand, came back to the farm shed and tested it.  Looked like it was time to prep the combine and head to the field!
This is what the Irrigated corn looked like prior to cutting.  It’s not the prettiest but MV assures me this is what it needs to look like to be ready to cut! 
I must admit, I think Wheat is much prettier at harvest time, BUT don’t tell the corn! 🙂
 I don’t want it’s feelings hurt! 

Let me introduce you to farm machinery used to cut corn!

Case IH  1688 Combine with Corn Header
(note the cute little girl in last pic! PV posing with the combine!)

Volvo Semi Truck

MV in Action!

The green in this picture are soybeans…. just in case you didn’t know!

Lovely to pull up to the combine with all the debris going all over! ITCHY!

MV & PV!

 PV driving!

Action shot of header cutting corn!

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