Irrigation & Hello Kitty!

One of PV’s favorite pairs of shoes are her Hello Kitty rubber boots!  She slips them on quite often whether she has on shorts, jeans, or jammies! 
And on this Saturday morning they were definitely needed!

Yep that’s us!  
Ready to go in our rubber boots!

This past weekend I was fortunate enough to watch my husband teaching our daughter some wonderful tools of the trade in irrigation farming! 
At four years old she was definitely excited about the “task at hand”! 
 ( I can only hope she still feels that desire when she is 14!)

On Saturday morning we loaded up in the Mule, and headed out to check the flood irrigation system on the Milo (aka grain sorghum).  There are two types of irrigation systems on our farm, but I will explain that later!  Now PV had went out with her dad the night before so she was qualified for Saturday’s task at hand keep in mind! 🙂  

We pulled up and she barely let the Mule complete a stop and she was out looking for the makeshift pole and stating she was going to “close the gates”! ( Of course I had no clue what she meant but I had a lesson by my 4 year old that day, never too old to learn, RIGHT!!)
 I watched and could not help but smile.  
She took the “gate closing pole” and got to work!   
She was quite good I might add!
PV is sliding a black rectangle cover over to close off the water so it no longer irrigates the Milo.  MV was at the other end opening a certain amount of rows to starting irrigating.  They do not run all rows at the same time, there would not be enough water.  
So it has to be checked at least 2 times per day or more. Normally my father in law does this farm task, so it was a treat for us to get to do it together as a family!

One of my dreams for PV is for her to grow up learning the benefit of honest hard work and for her to feel the honor that comes with that. I think it creates a well rounded individual.  Farming is a good place to learn that, especially at an early age.  To care for the ground and grow something from a small seed, it has amazing  results. God has provided us with many blessings, one being that MV can have a career doing something he absolutely loves, and we can raise our daughter in a lifestyle that enhances a person for better things!  

Sometimes the outcome isn’t what we anticipated, 

but in the end you have no regrets for trying! 

God has provided us with many blessings in the past 10 years and we are thankful for that!
I had lots of smiles this weekend, I will share a few photos of why!
Thanks for stopping by! 
Grain Sorghum field  Irrigated, Milton out in the field checking the water level, yes he has rubber boots on but his aren’t nearly as cute as PV’s Hello Kitty ones!
Our family! Just makes my heart warm!
PV waiting on us while we open gates and playing in the dirt!
Can’t be a farm kid without alittle dirt!

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