Old Cd Case = Delightful Christmas Gift!

I thought today I would share one of the few crafts I do for some of my friends and family each Christmas. It offers a homemade gift with a personal touch from their lives.

First you will want to collect various items, starting with a CD case, one like you can buy with blank cd’s in it. 

Then some scrapbook items such as cardstock, stickers, rub on letters, chipboard, flowers, etc.  Whatever your little heart desires!

For the calendar, I usually just google online and find a small template.  I found this one here.
Then you cut the months apart.
Sometimes I stick with a certain color theme, such as black, white, red or earth tones, or I change it up and do each month any color I want for the cardstock!  Cut the cardstock to fit in the cd case, mine are 6 x 6.5.

The one below is an example without photos. Sometimes I add the photos for the recipient or I allow them to put their own. 
Here is an example with two different size photos. I print them wallet size or contact size on my printer at home.  I have also had photos printed at a department store as well. 

I do not decorate the case but I am sure you could. I do make a cover page with their name and the year.

Here are a few that I have done in years past.
This one is the first one I completed for gifts for this coming Christmas (2012).

If you have any ideas on how to enchance this little project or an easy craft for gifts I would love to hear about them! Please comment below, and thank you for stopping by!


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