I awoke on New Year’s Day and my mind literally started focusing on our VVDDP (obviously this is an acronym for the title of our annual couple’s gathering for Valentine’s that we host!)

So much to come up with in what seems to be a short period of time!  But I am so thrilled because all the couples have confirmed and can attend on February 16th! 

To be honest, I am most excited about the “party favor” they get to go home with! I think I enjoy this part of the preparation the most!  The cooking is  pretty close in the running though!  Which brings me to the menu…… Milton and I are struggling just a tad with the menu.  Oh don’t worry my friends that read this that are coming, we will prevail! 

This is our third annual gathering and to be honest, I really do enjoy having our friend’s over for this event! Obviously, in the month of February showing love has it’s own day/holiday, and although we should do it all the other months of the year, life gets busy. So, if I can play any part in nourishing a friend’s marriage, I will gladly do it!  Bring on the romance, bring on the laughter, bring on the silly jokes and warmth of friendship. I believe sharing a delightful experience with a spouse can only enhance the love between them and help them to grow closer. If that means I need to create a beautiful table, light a couple candles, share a meal, and make them answer a silly relationship question at the table about their spouse, I am up for the challenge! 🙂

I can’t wait to share this experience with you for our 2013 gathering!  Here are a few shots from our past years!

To all of you readers, may your love grow and bloom often!

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