VVDDP – 2013

Once again we had a lovely time with friends at our annual couple’s gathering (VVDDP)  We mentioned it earlier here in this post
Check out this group of people! Aren’t they the cutest! 🙂

At our annual gathering, there is always lots of food, laughter, and connections to be made!  Connection, I believe, is what makes not only our friendships stronger and last, 
but our marriages as well.

Throughout the evening I used my best talk show, announcer kinda voice and would say “tonight is all about revitalizing our marriages”! 

I love these people so much, they didn’t even blink an eye or laugh at me at me 

(well not in front of me at least!)
Thank my Lord for good friends that let me be silly!

I mean really, what hostess makes them go around the table 

and tell one thing that they love about their spouse, IN FRONT OF OTHERS!?


That’s right!

Of course I served the food first! 
Get them all full & comfortable!

The men said lovely things about their wives and vice versa! 
There was sweetness going around like crazy! Just how I like it!

Each year we have a tradition, we play a game, and whomever wins gets a prize.  We were missing one of our favorite couples this year, but they had won last year so they supplied the prize and game anyway!  

This dynamic duo (DD & SD) won the game!
 I can’t wait until next year to see their prize & game,
this is one fun couple for sure!
The prize this year had a cute little story to go 
along with items for a “date night”. 
I have to say DD & JD did an excellent job in the prize department for 2013!
Thank you DD & JD!

I should probably show a few shots of the food and table settings huh?
Desserts were Orange Coconut cake and White Chocolate Strawberries!

We served two types of bread, salad, lasagna, and gilbertini!

We went with a black, white, and silver theme.  We kept it pretty simple!
Last minute I made these cute little name cards with 
a silly Dr. Seuss saying!

My mother gave me & my sisters these lovely
drink dispensers for Christmas!
I love them!
This year we took a little simpler approach to our dinner, usually we try
new recipes. We wanted to go with a easy meal, so we could enjoy the evening more.
On Saturday, my time in the kitchen was so wonderful! 
Brought lots of Joy to me! 
I will post the menu and recipes in a separate blog post.
As usual, Milton was a wonderful co-chef /dishwasher.  
Thanks to him I am able to pull this all off!

My favorite part of this party was probably putting together these!

You do recall I said it was “revitalizing your marriage” night, right?

We gave each of the couples a “date box”. 
We included items for their “first date” and then things to use thereafter.

Crush Pop – Act like you have a crush on your spouse!
Small Candle- ambiance for the date!
Conversation Hearts – When words just aren’t coming from the lips!
Chocolates – No need to explain this!
Popcorn– for the movie date night!
Cheesy Cheap Movie – For the movie date night!
Calendar – To mark down every time you “date” or have a significant moment in the marriage! 
Then at the end of the year or in 1 year you can review it together. Take a trip down memory lane!
Journal – To write down memorable times, and also to write love notes to the other person. Then you hide it, and wait for the other person to do the same, then they hide it! 
Just a fun way to keep CONNECTING!
Ideas/Aides – Conversation starters,  
3 things your spouse enjoys,
 3 things you would like your spouse to do for or with you, 
100 ways to make your marriage rock, & date night ideas!
The box can be decorated and store your memories in! 

Or you can take the box and each time you want to ask them on a date, 
leave a sweet note or put “items” to give them hints for the date inside! 🙂

This is Milton & I’s date box! 🙂

The ideas I used came from many different resources, and some
I came up with on my own.  
I  didn’t write down each place they came from, my bad!
 (Sorry to the blogging world!)

Connection is essential ( I believe) 
to being inspired, motivated,
nourished, and to grow from within!
I hope this post brings you a least one of these things!

Thanks for stopping by!

2013 Couples Gathering
Me & My Farmer!

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