PV the Chicken Farmer

It’s official!

We have Chickens on our Farm!  Yep – 12 little chicks picked out by Miss PV herself! She is not only known as a 5 year old but a Chicken Farmer as well now! 

Heading to the check out line with baby chicks!

 And I might add, she is taking this job seriously (for now)! She is like a Mother Hen, wanting to check on them often and shares about them like a brand new momma!  

When we arrived home, we still had alittle work to do before the chicks could settle into their new home.  So PV unloaded them into a bigger box so they could catch some sunrays.  

The three of us then proceeded to work on the chicken house. 

A new floor and a hole or two was needed so other little varments wouldn’t get in!

These are pig pen plywood panels they used on the farm YEARS ago.
See!That is why Farmers do not throw things away,
years later being used again! Recycling & Saves Money!

While Dad was busy doing alittle electrical work, PV decided to introduce the chicks to the water fount.  Yep…. A few got a face full. 

I know I know, don’t let her handle them too much.  I decided you know what….  She’s 5.  She isn’t afraid, I’m going with it. You are only a kid once RIGHT!?

Then when my back was turned she thought she’d be really silly!  Putting them in the laying stations! Look at that smile, just warms my heart to see joy on her face!

The chicken house/coop is nothing fabulous by any means.  But it was free, it’s sturdy, and it was in the in laws farmyard! 🙂  I figure if we are still into chicken farming, PV & I have a pet project next spring.  I think red metal with white trim would be cute.  Milton plans to build a fence pen but of course they aren’t in need of it yet and we ran out of time.  Corn planting is hopefully going to begin this week!

Milton built a little “pen” for them to stay in for now.  Here they are putting some bedding and then the chicks in!

And a final shot!

I am sure there will many stories to share!  All I know is, we are going on this adventure in hopes of just that, good stories, to teach our kid responsibility, and get some fresh eggs out of it!  

Be sure to come back, you won’t want to miss the ________________________! 

OH here is where I am asking my readers to help me pick a name for this area of the  blog! I am looking for something cute, funny, and related to Chickens!) Feel free to comment here or on our Facebook Page.  PV will have final say! 🙂 

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