My Randomness & Motivators!

Yep. I’m going to write and publish this post! Even though when I asked my husband a month ago “am I random on the blog?”  And his reply was, “yes, kinda”.  In my sensitive manner, I didn’t post the lovely post I had spent an hour and a half writing that day.  It’s still in drafts, depending on my mood and the response to this one, I might publish it in the near future!

This past week I had the pleasure of walking with a friend for the first time.  Ok, I’m going to be honest here, it wasn’t your leisurely, check the scenery kind of walk.  It was a massive throw your body into 3rd gear, get your rear moving, and watch out world here we come type of walk! Now my friend H., she didn’t seem to even break a sweat.  

OH! Did I mention that she runs half marathons!  We didn’t run (thank goodness) but she motivated me to want to keep up with her.  No matter the shooting pain in my legs, swollen fingers by end, and red face look of almost exploding and the fact that talking was hard yet doable!  (By the way, my husband saw us on the walk, he mentioned later about my face…. it must have been bad!) 🙂

I now know what it means when they say, “you should walk at a pace that it is difficult to talk”.  THAT was me on this night, I had lots to say, but I wasn’t about to slow down. Ok maybe I was about one foot behind her step but I was still RIGHT THERE close! 🙂

This post isn’t about complaining or that I can’t believe my friend would push me so hard. She didn’t even say anything about the pace.  And guess what…..

I’m thankful.

Why am I thankful?

Because in life, I need people to push me, motivate me, take me to places I’ve never been, hold me accountable, and lead me in certain areas.  

The next day my buttocks hurt on each side. Seriously.  BUT later that day, I was smiling about the pain.  Because you know what!  If I continue to move that fast, that area will look awhole lot better, my clothes will fit better, and my husband might be smiling more too! 🙂

H. asked me if I wanted to go again next week, I said sure.  I didn’t hide or use my wounds as an excuse, like we sometimes do in life.  

H. wasn’t with me today, but she still motivated, challenged me, was in my head, and I am grateful.  I couldn’t sleep at 6:00 am on a Saturday.  I knew exercise wouldn’t be anywhere on the schedule today, family events to attend all day long!  I needed to clear my mind too. So I got up, sore body parts and all.  I walked.

It wasn’t the leisurely walk.  I gave myself the first half mile to get my body woke up, and then I took off.  I walked at a good pace.  I listened to my music loud, and it motivated me, I thought about this coming week when I walk with H. again.  I want it to be less painful.

By the end of my walk today, I felt good.  I felt I had accomplished something. I felt alittle  more proud of myself.

I know there are lots of things upcoming in my future that hold uncertainty.  But with all things, find a person or saying or song or motto to motivate you through it.  I couldn’t get by without all those!

My view today as I walked alone!
3 miles in 52 minutes that ‘s good for this ol’ gal!

Have a blessed day & Memorial day weekend!  

Thank for stopping by and allow me my randomness of life!

2 thoughts on “My Randomness & Motivators!

  1. Yeeeeaaaahhhh! (to be read in a motivating Heman voice) Now I feel all tough and mean. You did an awesome job! I do love that you were a little sore. I always am…always,(think it might be my age.) Now I want to read this \”other\” post. I'm intrigued.


  2. I did read it in the manner you presented it! Ya you are tough, I need to beware of you! 🙂 Thanks for the compliment. Let's not talk age, I'm older than you!…. you might get your wish on the post!


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