Things that brought me Joy (in recent weeks)

Just a few shots of things that brought me joy !

Very first tball practice of this little girl’s life.

Turning around and seeing this tree that I’ve walked by a million times.
Just like our family farm it’s been here a long time and is strong as ever.

Farmyard kitties!
Watching this lucky little girl, she has the most patient father I’ve ever met!
Baking & Dancing with this little gal in our kitchen!

Watching my hubby do something that he enjoys!

Seeing family I haven’t in years. Listening to stories of my dad’s family.

Walking 3 miles
Celebrating a family birthday and realizing how blessed we are with family.
Hearing the word of God and learning new stuff.
Days off from my job.
Working on craft ideas for missions board work.
Being inspired to list the gifts God provided in a day, both small and large.

I hope your life is bringing you joys these days! May your holiday weekend be blessed!

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