Boxes of Kindness

I’ve mentioned it before, and I am going to do it again.  I have some pretty awesome friends!  God has blessed me in many areas of my life, but this area of my life, it’s truly one of my prized possessions. 

I have a variety of friends.  Some pray for me, some lift me up with kind words or notes, some send text messages to check in on me, and some email me or call to check on me.  A few of them haven’t known me for very long, but I feel as if we have been close forever.

During this new adventure of mine, that I mentioned here, I have received a “box of love” from one particular friend. 

It’s funny because in reality, due to changes in both our lives, we don’t see one another as much as we used to.  She showed up on my door step, with a beautiful box in hand, a warm hug, and positive expressions flowing from her mouth!  (the weekend before I left for training I might add!)

It was just what I needed! Oh sure there was laundry to be done, a house to clean, and homework to finish, but I think she had what I needed at the moment.  A friend to hug, words of encouragement, and a couple hours sitting on the couch doing nothing, and shutting my “thinking” mind off! 

Not only did she give me this beautiful box.  As I opened it, I couldn’t resist a smile if I wanted to.  It warmed my heart to all get out folks! It was packed full of assorted envelopes, small trinkets, and such. 

It has 31 items in all.  One for each day of the month of August.  Something to open each day to encourage me, make me laugh, or to stop worrying about what lies ahead.  This is a prize that I will treasure forever. Handwritten notes are the best, and she has supplied me with many! 🙂

I couldn’t let this act of kindness go by without publication because I think it’s the perfect addition to any of these posts I have done. 

Kindness 1

Kindness 2

Kindness 3

It comes from the heart, a simple act.  That is, giving someone (me) the “lifting up” I need in this transition.  I hope to pay it forward in some manner soon.

How about you?  Has my friend inspired you?  Reach out to someone, open a door, drop a note in the mail, call a relative you might have had a riff with years ago, let things be happy in life.  Let things flow as they were meant to, have interactions, and show kindness.

Just on a side note, the new adventure is kicking in to gear.  Emotions have been up and down, and transitioning for our family is occurring.  But I am glad I made this choice. I am glad for this journey that I am upon, I want to help people take care of the things that are most important them in life.

Thank you for all allowing me share our life, and for supporting this new adventure!

Just a FEW of the motivational, silly, lovely items in my box!

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