A Perfectionist’s Mindset

We were created to exist in relationships together. When I read this from my bible study devotion this morning, it created in me thoughts to  aide me in daily life.  I’ve begun a new avenue in the industry I work.  When beginning new things, I tend to feel anxious and nervous, due to being outside my comfort zone.  I think I’m getting alittle ahead of myself here, let me back up.
The belief I have in myself is growing with each day, with each appointment, with each challenge, accomplishment, and mistake.  I like it, I fear it, I dislike it, I love it, all at once.  This is called an emotional roller coaster ride by the way! 🙂
Being the perfectionist that I am, yes I am actually admitting it here, I have high expectations of my own abilities.  Recently, I have learned and been told that a perfectionist mindset can be both a strength and weakness for oneself.  I am glad I was told this, the weakness section brings me to the reality that dwelling on something too long can do more harm, when moving on and learning from it can enhance my life,/my abilities.  I’m glad God brought that individual into my life to explain and point this out.  (mental note, work in progress, won’t be overnight success in this area)
I’d like to go back to the relationships area of this post.  I realized in reading the words from “The God of All Comfort” by Donna Pyle, I have been given the opportunity to create relationships, in addition to protecting what is most important to people in my occupation.
Since making the decision to pursue this opportunity, I knew there was more in it for me.  I knew taking care of people is one of my strengths.  I have always liked to take care of people. What better way than to protect the things that matter so much to them.  I will not be just be selling insurance or out to make a buck. The seed that was within to spark this new journey has just grown some more by the way!
Donna Pyle says,

“by definition, comfort is something wedo, while compassion is something wefeel. When they work together, they have the power to transform lives.”
I love that.  Take a moment and read it once again, you might try it out loud.  Don’t just read the words, feel them!
I want to transform lives. I want to be the person that when they leave my office they think “she seems so compassionate and authentic.”  Whether they become clients or not, I want to be an extension of many things, but I know compassion is essential in building relationships.  The goal is to build relationships.

My inabilities may be showing currently in my starting appointments, but I know this.  God placed each of these people in front of me, for some reason.  Whether they are Christian or not, I feel blessed by getting to share the knowledge I have with them to help them. I know that they will enhance my life by just being present, whether for the long haul or a short period. 

My hope is to bring them information they need with value, and if a time comes that they need comfort, I pray I am compassionate.
Be sure to build relationships in your life, it not only enhances your life, but brings you closer to the One True God. 

Thank you for allowing me to grow, to share on our blog, and for the support you have brought to our lives.

2 thoughts on “A Perfectionist’s Mindset

  1. I love that you are going through this study and at the same time I am a little jealous that you are going through it without me! Oooo, I know, I know, you can lead the group through this one after I have the baby! Yes! Excellent plan, Julie!I can scarcely imagine a time when anyone will walk out of your office feeling anything other than comforted.Can't wait to hear more about the new job when you have the time to digest all that has come to pass throughout the last couple months.


  2. Heather,I'm having alittle trouble fitting it into my schedule but my days do go better when with it. It's a different one for sure, but I like this one especially today. I love how you are already planning things out! By then hopefully my work has slowed down and I will THINK about it! :)Thanks for the kind words, they are much needed and appreciated. Thanks for commenting!Julie


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