Laughter Mondays + God’s Word= Pew Sisters

There’s a place I go on Monday nights.  A place where I join a few other ladies to visit God’s word.  A place that I am thankful for. I like it so much that I try with all my effort not to miss one meeting! I’m saddened to think that next week I will not be able to join the ladies for our weekly “boost” of enlightenment.  This occupation has many positives but one of the negatives is the evening meetings on occasion. 

But I’m going to relish in the laughter that surrounded the table last night and hope that it gets me through two weeks verses the normal one week!  When Monday nights roll around, I know that it will be a time for relationships to grow, honesty placed upon a table, respect for others, and I will probably walk away with a new bout of information about God’s word.  Which I will try to think upon all the next week and work into my life.

These “Pew Sisters” are a diverse set of ladies that range in different ages, with different experiences, with advice and knowledge to share.  I value each and every one of them and what they provide for our group.  Whether that be encouragement to tackle that struggle, comfort the hurting soul, or just silence when the moment calls for it.

Although we are a group of ladies and have laughter most each time, tears can fall at this table, and no one thinks twice about it.  No one judges for they have cried their own tears in their own time, and on some type of level can relate.  I’m thankful for this, for I have felt much love at this table of “Pew Sisters” in both tears and laughter.

God’s word is the key, I do believe in our relationships being so easily formed and incredibly blessed.  It’s the foundation, the common bond that takes us to a place of safety and helps us together take the evil out of our lives.  With each meeting, the growth of God’s Love is in each of us to withstand the next day, the next moment, the next time the Devil decides to tempt us. 

Bring a group of ladies together and it can sometimes be dramatic, over hormonal, and many other things.  But I am proud to say, this group cares enough about one another to respectfully voice their opinions and share their knowledge in a manner that no one feels excluded.  (At least that is my perception.)  They don’t hold it against me that I came to Lord late in life, shock isn’t upon their face when I say things about my past that happened to me, and I can feel their hugs without them even touching me in a vulnerable moment.

I am thankful for them.  I am blessed.  I am proud to call them friends.  My bit of advice to all of you, find a group or a couple friends in Christ, start a bible study.  I encourage you to find some friends to help you put on the “Armor of God” regularly.

Oh, and if you attend our church and you hear a new baby cry and about 10 adult women giggling in unison, don’t mind us… I’m sure the baby just needs to eat! 🙂

May your day be blessed and if you have your own Pew Sisters  (or brothers) be sure to let them know how very special they are in your life!

God bless you all!


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