A Fall September Update!

Well the hubs is back from his annual elk hunting trip which means that Fall harvest and Wheat sowing days are closer than I thought! The mighty hunter didn’t snag himself an elk this year, but he still enjoys the hunt and the break from reality!  I mean who wouldn’t love hanging out with his brothers and friends for 7 days, in the middle of the mountains camping with a makeshift shower and sleeping in a tent, plus chasing elk to shoot? (Me for one!)  Here are a couple shots of some beauty he took with his camera phone!  He was lucky enough to see TWO rainbows while relaxing in the mountains!


This was the storm rolling in when they left Colorado!

Back to the farm side of things now! In the fall we start harvesting three types of crops. Corn, Grain Sorghum (milo), and Soybeans.  Unlike the wheat harvest in the heat of the summer, it is spread out for more than 10 days! Our fall harvest usually runs from September and sometimes ends in November.  When dealing with three different crops, their harvest stage arrives at various times.

At the same time, my husband begins sowing wheat in the first part of October.  It’s a good thing he took that little vacation because his days are about to get very long!  When he isn’t harvesting a crop, he will be sowing wheat. You can sow wheat in the dark, and since he is the main one to run the drill and tractor, he will be sowing his heart out!   So in hopes that next summer we have a bountiful crop of wheat to harvest to help feed the world!

The chickens, well we found another batch of eggs in the old barn, one little lady likes to go in there and lay her eggs!  Now that Milton is home, we will probably try to keep them in their coop until noon to retrain some of them to lay in there.  We will see how that works out!

I love the fall weather, and the opportunity to entertain friends during this season.  We normally have a group of friends that are couples over and also have a landlord appreciation dinner.  I’m beginning to plan our upcoming events and I hope things go off without a hitch! This new job gig has me busy!

Thanks for stopping by and I hope your Fall season is a blessed one!


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