Quality Time Amongst……..

One of my friends told me yesterday she misses my blogging.  I miss it too. I made a decision last weekend that I planned to take the time to allow myself to blog at least two times a week.  That is, if I have anything to write about that is worthy!

 I want to blog about the farm and recipes I have tried, my journey as God’s daughter, and my family. The past months have been somewhat of a blur and that isn’t how I want to live my life.  I like documentation and sharing the lessons and joys of life with others.  The laughter from friends brings me a wholeness and hugs from my girls make my heart full of warmth, while learning from women of faith brings me strength, and protection from my spouse makes me feel taken care of. 

These are parts of the things that make me who I am. There is no much more, but that’s enough for now.  Now is the time to review, evaluate, and take note of the things in life that matter.  Taking time to do the things that bring one joy is a must, and enduring something uncomfortable may take you to a new level of higher self esteem. So cherishing all of them is essential in living I think.

This brings me to one of the moments where I spent my weekend.  The moment I decided to spend some quality time with my daughter.  Nope, it wasn’t at the spa getting a pedicure, and it wasn’t cuddling with popcorn and movie, 
or even cooking in our kitchen.

It was …….
In the COOP amongst dried POOP!

See, it was way overdue.  
The Chirps needed a clean coop and 
I had the urge to do some manual labor!  
Yep, I know I was as shocked as you about that last part! 🙂  
PV and I got our bucket, shovel, and the mule and heading that way.  (Bonus, she didn’t even argue with me!)

When I look at these photos I think of all kinds of things. 
The lesson my child is learning about how it’s important to work hard and care for the things that have been given to you.
That completing a task can give you so much satisfaction.
That sweat is a good thing.
Or how about the fact that spending family time together doesn’t mean spending money.
That her role as a female doesn’t mean she can’t be a farmer.
That her Mother can get dirty and 
come home and cook dinner.
This photo also makes me connect with 
memories from my childhood. 
Ones that are good and make me feel warmth in my chest.  

Time to get some fresh hay for the Chirps!
It was VERY windy on this day! Poor gal!

 Dad joined us on the this part!

I love the fact that my daughter loves her cowboy boots and tank tops! 🙂

On our ride back to the chicken coop
PV thought she needed to take a selfie!

Time to spread the hay for the Chirps!

Here comes one of the ladies!
She was interested in what was going on!

The time I spent with PV Saturday was one of the best moments of my weekend.  
It helped me see that life is full of opportunities.

To connect.

To teach.

To reflect.

To cherish.

To be.

I am grateful for the farm family I married into.
I am grateful to raise my youngest daughter on the farm.
I am grateful for the opportunities with each new day.

I hope you find time to connect, teach, 
reflect, cherish, and just be.

Thanks for stopping by!

Please ask before using my photos or content of this blog.  

4 thoughts on “Quality Time Amongst……..

  1. Hi Julie,I am dropping in from the County Fair Blog Party.I like the way you think. Women, especially ranch/farm wives, need to have a creative outlet. Or something that they are passionate about that is their own.I grew up showing livestock. Mom, Dad, Sister and I spent many many hours together. We had a common connection, we connected to our livestock (beef cattle and sheep) and made many connections.Mom and Dad taught us a lot about livestock, work ethic and life.Today we reflect and cherish the memories our family made the goals we accomplished and the people we have become.


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