Farm Auctions – Old Memories New Memories

My husband and daughter went to a farm auction this past Saturday.  It was her first auction and I can’t believe it but she liked it.  Apparently she played on hay bales, conned her Grandpa into buying her a snow cone, and had lunch with Dad and other farmers. 
 I mean who wouldn’t love that right??

They each came home with something from the auction. 

Can you guess which one bought what from the two photos?

I know it’s hard to believe, but PV is now the lucky owner of a wood birdhouse.  She was all excited to tell me about it and how they will repaint the yellow post sticking out 
but not the birdhouse.  It’s staying just like it is!
I know the farm family that had the auction.  I know the truck has been well cared for.  I also know that Mrs. Farmer probably spent many hours driving that truck during harvests.  She isn’t only a farm wife.  
She’s a farmer.  
A partner with her spouse for many years.  
I’m sure they would still be going strong 
if health hadn’t been an issue.  

They are good people.  
They are people that I’ve helped 
with their insurance needs. The times I  spent 
across the desk from them are some of my most enjoyable memories from servicing the clients where I work.  
They value a hard days work and a marriage that has been 
built on a true partnership and respect.

I wish the truck could talk.  I bet the stories it could tell of harvests gone by would be full of character, laughter, dirt, hard work, frustrations and so much more!
  All ending with a satisfaction of 
another harvest completed for another year. 

We will care for this “new” piece of equipment to our farm inventory.  We will use it this summer for the first time as we  harvest our wheat, God willing.

And perhaps, this farm wife will try to fill the shoes of the former Mrs. Farmer and take her for a spin a time or two! 🙂

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