Gardens, Small Children, & Friendships All Grow

My daughter sleeps under a flower garden each night.  Ok, it’s not a real flower garden.  It’s decals on her wall.  Sometimes in the mornings I will ask her, “Did the flower garden grow or just you last night?”  She will giggle or moan, depending on the morning.   

Just like real flowers and small children grow, so did my emotional heart and life beginning a couple years ago.  That’s when someone I had been in the presence of for 7 years already (but didn’t bother to really get to know), decided to start a bible study

Seven bible studies later, a beautiful friendship, more knowledge of the woman God wants me to be, Monday nights I hate to miss, and deeper more meaningful relationships with sisters in Christ. God bless you all that have participated.

I wanted to write a piece about our friendship because it’s coming to a time when things will change for us.  Today I had to say good-bye to her.  She’s moving a few hours away from where we live now. 

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So here goes.

Good bye to the person….

-that was like a fixture, always on the east side of the table every Monday night. Except for a couple times…. Haiti and having Wonderfully Made!

-that showed me how to be a Mother to many, by the way she loved my child and others (and her own).

-that through her acts, led a group of us to help others far far away.

-that aided me in sharing kindness to others while spending quality time with our children, in the form a yummy desserts neatly packed in jars.

-that showed a side of herself that I appreciate, a side most don’t see of a Pastor’s wife I presume.

– that occupied the chair to my left most Sunday mornings, as we listened to her husband teach the word.

-that challenged me when we walked together, well she was more like running, I was walking.  (I bet I could take her now though…. she just had a baby a couple months ago!)

-that helped me step into roles I never thought I would ever be in.

-who has the best hugs and never lets go first.

-that calmed my fears about raising an only child.  She comes from experience…. she’s one.

-that encouraged this blog and was one of the first ones I shared it with. She’s got a pretty awesome one herself.

-that her example of being a Mother is a good one.  Giggling at things her daughters have said or done and then celebrating their uniqueness.

-that listened even when she probably needed to get home.  The one that asked objective questions but never made me feel self conscious.

-who takes almost as many photos as I do and allows kids to be silly in alot of them.

-that brought my 2014 Word to life via alittle princess in my mailbox!

-that showed heartfelt love to me many times, and probably when she didn’t even realize it.

This is but a handful of things that make our friendship what it is.  I’m grateful for the time I have had with her and her family.  I’m sorry I didn’t get to know her sooner but I won’t waste time dwelling! I have road trips to plan, snacks for the car to buy, and other ladies to coordinate calendars with for roadtrips!  

Although the road between our homes will be more than two miles, never fear for our I know our friendship will grown, just as the miles have.

God bless you and your family in your new beginning.  
I celebrate you this day!

Thanks for allowing me to share my faith, family, and friendships!

3 thoughts on “Gardens, Small Children, & Friendships All Grow

  1. In the chaos that was that time, I don't even think I saw this! Beautiful! Thank you and right back at cha babe!


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