Distractions & Handwritten Letters

I watched this video today.  It stirred something in me.  At times, you will find me, just like the people in that video. I am trying to be better about putting the electronics and distractions down.  I even bought this book a few months ago.  I still haven’t finished it. My plan was to read through it and then get serious and do it again.  Read it and apply at least some of her advice.  I enjoy her blog and posts to Facebook.  Although lengthy, they usually have a good reminder for me.

Last Sunday, we got to church and I realized I had forgotten my smart phone at home.  I didn’t have a panic attack, just mentioned it to my husband.  He rarely takes his to church you know,  he just looked at me and said “you’ll be fine”.  He was right, in fact only one text message was on my screen.  The other night I even plugged it in when I got home and totally forgot about it for like 2 hours!

I’m trying. It’s a start to rid the distractions from my life or at least keep them at bay!

When I was around 9 years old, I remember writing to a distant relative that lived in Washington.  It was around the time that Mount St. Helens erupted in 1980.  She would explained about how the ash was all over and it sounded so interesting!  Sad part is, I can’t recall her name.  She was an adult at the time, and I felt so important because she took the time to write me periodically. I had another relative that was a pen pal with me. It was my Aunt Hank, we called her that but her real name was Henrietta.  She too was kind, taking the time to write a child, when she had a busy life of her own.  I already have a plan in place for my youngest daughter to become pen pals with some friends and learn to handwrite letters! (She loves mail by the way!)

Today I sat down and actually wrote a letter.  Not a typed one.  A HAND WRITTEN letter. On plain ol’ notebook paper!

I haven’t done that in years I bet!  Most of the time it’s cards with a little note in it or just a signature, or an email typed out, and if it is a letter, usually that one is typed.  All these are great, but there’s just something about handwriting a letter.

It felt nice to handwrite today.  I forgot how it made me feel.  (My wrist hurt because of over usage of a keyboard, go figure, but I still loved it!)

I didn’t write a child today, but I did write someone I haven’t spoken to, emailed, text, or called in months.  We have so much in common, yet our “busy lives” can steal from our relationships so easily can’t they?

Staying connected with people, whether it’s family or friends or acquaintances, is important. Especially these days, because we are spending so much time looking at display screens, typing with our fingers, swypeing on our smart phones, video chatting, or listening to our Ipods.  And although most of those things can aide in connection, I do believe we need a deeper connection with others. One that looks at people, speaks to people, visits with people, and reaches out to people.

Handwriting a letter gives the recipient so much!  Just imagine when they open the mailbox and see an envelope that isn’t a bill or junk mail.  At least for me, when I see handwriting, especially from those precious to me, it makes my heart fill with warmth.  I don’t know why, perhaps because they took the time to write slowly and neatly just for me!

Do you have recipes that were handwritten by your Grandmother, Aunt, or perhaps your Mother? When you see them, does it bring back a flood of memories, or a peace in your soul that makes you feel loved by them again?

Perhaps a letter could do that for someone you know.

Sit down, relax, write a few words on a plain piece of notebook paper or a beautiful piece of stationary.  Either way, come with me on a handwriting journey.

I’d love to hear if you sent a letter or two and how it made you feel! Or perhaps you are the recipient of a handwritten letter this week!  Sharing makes life better!

I look forward to hearing from you!

Thanks for stopping by!

6 thoughts on “Distractions & Handwritten Letters

  1. I remember writing letters to a pen pal in high school and I could hardly wait until I would get a letter back from her. Those letters meant the world to em. Great post Julie! Thank you for linking up to the Country Fair Blog Party! Always nice to have you join in the fun.


  2. Hi Julie,I like to send cards with handwritten letters. Like you, I think it's fun to get mail that is not a bill or junk. I enjoy sending a little surprise that says \”I care about you.\”When my Mom went to college she started writing a weekly letter to her Grandma. Grandma and Mom wrote back and forth until Grandma couldn't write; Mom continued to send her letters until her death. As a small child I remember Mom getting a letter from her Grandma and the smile it brought her. Sunday evening it was Mom's priority to write to Grandma.


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