Scores of My Evening!

Last evening I was lucky because I received a “Mom’s Night Out”.   I got to spend the evening with a friend, out and about for a fun night of relaxing!

First I have to say, she recommended a great Mexican restaurant.  SCORE #1!  

She also is wise beyond her years, she is the young age of 29. She was giving the 43 year old great advice!  SCORE #2!  

And  SCORE #3, of the evening was that we enjoyed the following movie together!

Mom’s Night Out

As  a blogger and a mommy, I could relate within the first 5 minutes to both aspects!

This movie included:

Blogger emotions.


Stressed mommies.

Biker dudes.


Mommy emotions.





Fun experiences.

Scary experiences.

Did I mention laughing yet???


High heels.

Sweet children.



Bowling shoes.

Messy children.



Laughing…. seriously there was!

Only to name a few things.

There is a scene in this movie (and there isn’t a trailer for it, UGH!) where Bones (Trace Atkins) is speaking to Alice (the main mommy character) and I wish I could just freeze it in my mind.  Yep it’s that good!  You have to go see it and stick with the movie, cause about 3/4 of the way through it!

Whether you are a stay at home mother, a working outside the home mother, a grandma, a woman, a husband, a male, a friend, whatever you are…. go see it.  It will make you laugh!

Thanks for stopping by!~

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