Ag Bloggers Retreat Fall 2014- Part 1

I’m going to write two posts about my weekend away, here is part one.  I traveled to Kansas City, Kansas and met with some of  my Virtual Sisters. These ladies are golden nuggets of this world no doubt! We all blog about agriculture, family, and on occasion other things. Although we have similarities, due to the agriculture part, our farms are different, just as our personalities and views are.

I’d like to introduce them to you and you will want to be sure to check out their blogs.  Sharing is important in educating the world about agriculture and we can’t do that without you all!  So share away my dear followers!

Nicole from Tales of a Kansas Farm Mom:  Nicole, I feel is one of the people in this realm of the world that has brought many things to others about agriculture.  She is a leader, and shares her knowledge with others (in and outside the agriculture life). I am humbled by the fact that I can say we are friends. She knows good bar-b-cue and can make you laugh when you least expect it. Nicole helps other bloggers often and inspires me to think of things I never have. Check out the latest posts from Nicole on Dyxlesia and ADHD.

Laurie from Country Linked: Laurie brings to the group sweetness wrapped in smartness with a splash of humor.  She can give you something to smile about, encompass you with her warm hugs, and then talk Ag like any good farm raised girl should. Her love of her children and photography is evident in her daily life! Her blog has a new look, and it’s pretty sweet.  If you go now, you can see her cute kiddos from Farm Picture Friday!

Amber from A Gentle Word : This lady is a spitfire that will keep you laughing until the cows come home!  No joke, she was not what I expected and I love how genuine and intelligent this lady is! On a day or week I’m feeling down, I think I will just travel to her home and plunk myself down at her kitchen table to take in some goodness and laugh all the day long! It’s hard to put into words, so just click on her name and read a few of her blog posts!

Jennifer from Heim Dairy: I have saved this new nugget of gold friendship for the last.  Because she brought to the group, and more specifically to me, a view into life on a Dairy farm.  She is a engineer, but more importantly she has a passion for dairy calves (cows too).  I love the way that Jennifer will talk and explain about the dairy but it’s not over my head. That she is laid back, easy talking, and not afraid to talk about faith.  I’ve only spent a couple days with her, but I’ve decided a trip to  Heim Dairy, with our daughter, is on my list for 2015.  She doesn’t know that yet, but once she reads this she will!! 🙂 Go show her some love and I promise there are cute photos of her baby calves out there on her blog!

Our weekend was filled with visiting a cider mill and winery.  Enjoying bar-b-cue while talking agriculture, blogging, family and past stories, and just hanging out.  It was a great weekend!

My time spent with these ladies was refreshing, relaxing, laughter filled, and also a learning experience.  I am grateful for each one of their friendships, and the few that couldn’t make it!  Next time my friends! Next time no doubt!  🙂

Thanks for stopping by!

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