Ag Bloggers Retreat – Part 2

Here are a few things I learned from spending the weekend with some of my Virtual Sisters, to read part one you can click on the link Virtual Sisters

  • Reaching those outside the agriculture world is important.
  • Laughing an entire day away is pure bliss. 
  • Being surprised by the past of another can make you feel not so alone and that life can really be turned around for the better.
  •  By making connections with those outside agriculture, we can better educate, instead of staying in our snug warm safe place of farm life.  
  • Apple Cider donuts are delicious.
  • Sometimes I may receive another’s opinion that I don’t agree with, but luckily I have a slew of others to help me when time to respond if needing backup!
  • Your blog doesn’t need to be just about farm life.  Creating an atmosphere that gives others the opportunity to relate is essential in connecting with them.  Because if the connection is established earlier, then when they have a question about agriculture, odds are they will come to you. 
  • Spending  a fall afternoon outdoors, relaxing and enjoying the company of friends in a winery setting really is lovely.
  • It’s important to have resources. 
  • Learning from others is needed, to challenge one beyond their comfort zone.
  • It’s a really good feeling when your phone is dead and you can’t charge it, so you focus on what’s in front of you.
  • Boy babies who spend an entire day with adult women and act like gentlemen, including sharing smiles that bring lots of joy are icing on the cake!
  • A post should be somewhere between 500 – 700 words.  
  • Talking.  It’s good. Listening. Even better.
  • What is your target market?  What age group and how can you relate to them?
  • Young people are pretty cool. 🙂  Especially if you are the “old” one of the group.
  • If we ever need to hire employees, drug screening and background checks might become the norm.
  • My life is very much enlightened by four bloggers from the agriculture side of life.
  • That sitting outdoors on a beautiful fall day, listening to music at a winery is delightful and should be done more often. (Did I mention this one?) 🙂
  • When you are meeting with a group of people that you haven’t met before and they hail from the farming community, they bring pretty awesome gifts! 🙂  I’m stoked about all the things I received! Thank you my friends!

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