L’s Dash, Your Dash, My Dash

I wrote this post for my blog Pushing Forward with Grace.  I felt it appropriate to share over here too.  It’s about a farmer, God, and living our lives to fill the Dash! I hope you enjoy!
I spent my morning attending a funeral.  It made my heart glad that the friend I knew, through my work in the insurance business, was a person of faith and saved.  There were other things I found out at the funeral that just made me smile. It was like I was getting to know him better.  Then there were things I was reminded of that I already knew.  There were moments of sadness and tears upon my heart, just taking me back to the not so long ago passing of my Dad.
One of the things I wanted to talk about today is that I felt the Pastor for the service did a remarkable job of intermingling the Word and the life of this farmer (and other farmers).  She pointed out thatone of the first occupations of Adam was to care for the land and animals.  Farmers care for their land and animals their entire lives if they have their way.  They grow food from the dirt we were created from.  I haven’t and won’t do the sermon or words that were spoken of my friend L. justice but I will celebrate his life today.
 sunset beauty
I will celebrate the way he was hard working and a man that was cut from a cloth that meant respect, being stubborn at times, and loving with a whole heart.  He would come into the office and start out giving me a hard time.  It would end with me giving it right back and laughing together.  He was a good man.  The one thing I learned about him was that he carried a pocket bible with him daily and knew the scriptures and books of the bible.  This only impressed me even more.
One of the first things that was read at the funeral is listed below. I had never heard it before and I am so thankful I did today.  It’s beautiful. It’s true.  It’s meant to inspire and be shared. So that is what I’m doing in celebration of L’s life.  As he lived his Dash well, I hope you and I do too.
Click the link below to read the poem by Linda Ellis, the author.
Grace is a gift,

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