The Red Machine that Made my Farmer’s Valentines!

My farmer husband is a man of few words, few expressions, and a great deal of patience. If you have been following us for the past two years you probably know this already.  I, on the other hand am slightly different.  I’m a tad bit more outgoing, expressive, and have more patience than I used to. 

Gift giving is something I enjoy and I also enjoy receiving them, I will be honest my hubs, not so much.  He could go without any gifts ever, or so he likes to say that!

Today Valentine’s day or some call it a “commercial holiday” came around this year and although I would LOVE flowers or a card from my husband he was more than thrilled with what was sitting in the farm yard come late this morning!  So my gift giving abilities were not needed!

His Valentine’s day brought something red, something he’s been waiting for since December, and although used ( 5 years) it’s like brand new to us! 

Even the littlest farmer got right in to check out “her seat”!

Being a farmer’s wife is always a learning process I think.  I went into this marriage having one mindset and as the years have gone by I’ve learned that was not the one needed to be married to my forever Valentine.  

I think this Valentine’s gift will suffice for many many many years to come. I will be writing a farewell post this week on our 1688 Case IH that worked for 14 years quite well for our farm.  Be sure to check back to read it!

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One thought on “The Red Machine that Made my Farmer’s Valentines!

  1. \”Very nice Tractor! Great to see your Daughter enjoying it too! Hopefully she'll have some great memories of working with Dad in that combine!All I got for Valentine's Day was some chocolate and a card, have to say I'm a little jealous of your Husband, but then I don't own a farm and parking that would be a chore!\”Heidi Sutton @ Ag Source Magazine


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