Women in Farm Management – Information Abounds!

If you haven’t had a chance to read the following posts you might want to before reading this one.  It’s leading up to this final one on the conference I recently attended.

Take Aways #1 – Food – from #WMFheroes

One of the breakout sessions I was lucky enough to attend brought me knowledge I think will be quite valuable to our farming operation.  

It was presented by an assistant professor from Kansas State University.  I was completely thrilled that she didn’t talk over my head! 🙂 This is a big thing for me!

The first session I attended was about cash rent vs. renting on shares. You might recall I wrote a post in 2012 about farming arrangements.   I actually was surprised at how many more options there are in regards to arrangements.  The basis thought is these two.  One thing I took away was that it is beginning to become a trend that the landowner share in the seed cost as well as the other expenses.  Previously this was not the trend.

Another great thing about this session was that we were able to enter data in by a remote clicker.  They were questions in regards to our farming operations.  Then we could see the percentage of each answer from those in the room.  Very interesting to see the diversity, yet similar things happening on farms!

The second session she presented gave us tools to determine equitable lease rates for our specific farming operation.  It was an excel spreadsheet and if you are interested in taking a look, you can find it on AgManager.

The day before the actual conference began we were given a couple options to visit some local Ag related establishments. I chose the Tour of KSU Grain Science Complex.  

I truly enjoyed this tour and wish we didn’t didn’t run out of time.  I had been in a flour mill before as I worked in a flour mill lab for a short while.  Each building had it’s purpose and it was an enjoyable tour, although quite chilly that day! I would love to take my husband to tour the complex sometime!

This is the last post I will write about the Women in Farm Management.  The dates for next years conference are February 4th and 5th!  If you are a woman in Agriculture in any form I would recommend this conference!

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