Yogurt Pie & Balloon Bowls

I was spending some time in my kitchen this past weekend and finally made my friends delicious dessert.  It’s simple, it’s low calorie, and it’s awesome tasting!

Yogurt Pie. That’s what I made.  Here’s the deal though, since VVDDP is coming up soon I thought I would put a little change in the presentation!

Of course my idea came from Pinterest! To see the original post on it check out InStyleFashionOne!  You use balloons and dip them in melted chocolate.  Place them on aluminum foil and put in the refrigerator for an hour.  

Removing the balloons and not breaking the chocolate was a little harder than I anticipated.  I did dip them twice per instructions but will probably do three times next time.  

I would normally insert a photo here of my creations. Unfortunately I deleted it and can not even find the picture in my recycle bin.  And of course they are ALL gone!

I decorated mine with a cut strawberry because I used strawberry jello.  I am going to make this again and again and probably again.  It really is that delish!

Not sure if I will serve them in the chocolate bowls or my pretty ramkens but I’m glad I tried it these two ways!

Thanks for stopping by!

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