VVDDP – 2015 Edition

Our annual couples gathering for February had to be rescheduled to this past weekend due to weather.  We were thrilled that all the couples were still able to make it in March and the day couldn’t have been more beautiful outside!  We kept the menu simpler as our focus was more on spending time with friends.   The table decor was spring like as well!

There will be a follow-up post with all the recipes 
and links to where  I found them. I have to admit this year was simpler but was not without taste! I have found a go to chicken recipe for the grill I know we will make again!  

My favorite part of the gathering was the games.  Our friends DD and JD did a GREAT job of preparing a super game (s)!  I won’t share all the photos but I will tell you we were all laughing having quite the time!  I now have a few games to do at future other gatherings!

It was such a nice day that a couple of our guests drove their beautiful vehicles.
So we took our annual group photo with them!

I want to talk about the games for just a moment. 
 It was like the game Minute to Win It. 
 Did I mention how much fun it was?  
We did several different ones.  
Here’s a little information on each.

One used conversation candy hearts, while another 
used candy corn and a paper plate.  
How about pasta and spaghetti!

Oh and the one with all our hot air!
My sister won this round!

I think my sister cheated, she used the end of the counter!

Then there was the one where 
the guys used pantyhose and pennies! 
 The guys had to wrap us girls in crepe paper too. 
 Those photos are hilarious 
but I better not post them, my friends 
might not come next year!

And the only reason I am allowed to show 
this next photo is because my husband was the 
winner of this round!  
Yep, he’s got talent! 
He can get a cookie from his forehead 
to his mouth without using his hands!

The couple that won with the most points was MG & LG.  They have been married for 24 years, but this game it took skills, not years! Apparently they had the best and their prize was awesome from DD & JD!  A Gratitude Smash Book!  
We all got little prizes, which ours was a piggy bank that had LOVE BANK on the backside! 🙂 
Thanks again to DD and JD for their fabulous game and prizes!

Our menu for the gathering is below.  

My sister and her husband brought an assortment of cheese, grapes, and crackers for us to munch on.  I had some mushrooms I needed to get used up as we were heading out of town the next day, 
so I whipped up my recipe for stuff mushrooms!

Beer Cheese Soup
Herbed Chicken Cutlets with Mustard Sauce
Parmesan-Lemon Roasted Broccoli
Chocolate Italian Love Cake
Strawberry Yogurt Pie

Milton & I were very pleased with the meal.  It was good tasting, healthy, and fun to prepare.  We look forward to start planning our 2016 gathering!

Be sure to look for the recipes and links to the menu items!
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Julie & Milton

2 thoughts on “VVDDP – 2015 Edition

  1. Would love to have the link for the minute to win it games. I don't believe I've seen those on any of the sights I've looked at. We have played these type of games the last two years at my family Thanksgiving. It is SO MUCH FUN! EVERYONE gets involved, even my parents!


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