Kindness Cookies

The past few months have seemed like I have spent more time juggling my calendar and not really providing much kindness to others.  This makes me look back with some regret that I have allowed my schedule to be so full I’ve lost track of what is a key ingredient in my life.  

Fortunately, I have a tradition that another friend and I began a few years ago that needed to be completed to continue it as an annual event.  I quickly realized this last weekend and contacted my friend that helped last year.  I decided that filling glass jars might be a larger task than I felt up to and she has two littles, so we opted for Kindness Cookies!  

We each made two types of cookies and came together this past Saturday hoping to bag the cookies, decorate the bags, and be on our way to share some kindness.  The November weather was quite cold and the wind was blowing as well, which is normal for Kansas.  This changed our plans but don’t worry, the bags of cookies will still get dispensed!

We decided to take them to church and not only the ones that we normally deliver to will enjoy them but a few others as well!  Making the cookies with my family, coming together with friends to share the work, and watching others enjoy the surprise was well worth the time!  This is one item on my calendar that will be there annually for sure!

I hope this post has inspired you to show some kindness in some manner. It not only does wonders for the recipient but the one giving as well!

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