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Springing Forward to a Healthy Lifestyle

Springing Forward to a Healthy Lifestyle

Catchy phrase isn’t it? I was on a mini vacation when I thought of it.  The daylight savings time and spring were both upon us.  I need to get serious about this heart healthy life thing.  My desire is to get my husband (and any other family member) on board with me. Support is the only way it will happen, I fail miserably otherwise.

As I was on my vacation the first day I found myself looking around at the people that were doing the same thing as I for spring break with our kids.  I started to feel uncomfortable.

Pulling my shirt down over the plump tummy area that has housed two children for nine months (okay- sure it was like 23 years ago but still) and fidgeting with my hair  and no eye contact.  For goodness sake, NO EYE CONTACT!  Which meant I was staring straight at the “in style” super cute boots with jean capri  and snazzy workout clothes with cool tennis shoes wearing moms/women.

NOTICE:  This is me.. the inside of my brain. You are not in the wrong place, continue reading! Not judging, just having a low self esteem moment!

I found myself in the bathroom once again on our trip and lucky me!  I got to see the entire view of myself!  You know, those full length mirrors they install so you can make sure you don’t have toilet paper hanging out of your shoe or worse your pants!  🙂 (Please tell me you’re laughing, I really thought that line was funny!)

The view was of a 40-something Mom wearing her own mother’s jeans, a shirt that was bought for comfort, not cuteness, along with some tennishoes that aren’t half bad !

We had time to spare so my mind was set for the mall. We found some clothes for the kiddo (On sale!)  I needed a new pair of tennis shoes but after attempting to find some shirts that would look cool plus nice on me all I wanted to do was high tail it outta that joint!

Fast forward to supper.  I really enjoyed my chicken salad sandwich and salad for supper at the Cheesecake Factory.  Seriously, I really did.  Oh did I mention that I left with cheesecake.  Did I mention I only ate half, with whip cream?  It was free, our service sucked.  If only it was calorie free, am I right?

I know I’ve been on this road before and not even my daughter’s wedding could get me to lose weight, why now?   Both my parents dying of heart disease might be playing a part or the fact that I have a 7 year old daughter might help motivate me. Or how about the winded state I am in whenever I pick up speed or dare to climb stairs!

I don’t know why this time would be different.  All I know is I wanted to write a post about my journey and since this is my blog I did it.  It’s funny that on vacation I actually did start to workout more, get a better mindset, and start watching more of what went into my mouth.  Perhaps “everyday is a vacation” mindset would be better for me than anything else! 🙂

Grace is a gift,


*Right before posting this I had two friends that have joined my support system, and I’m signed up for the Walk Kansas again this year  It’s a start!  We’ll see if I blog on this topic again or not! Come back tomorrow there’s a Farm Post Friday though!

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