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One. Just One.

I’ve mentioned before that this writing gig is truly a therapeutic thing for me. It’s a release and although I don’t normally get a lot of response from readers, I do enjoy when there is interaction.

Lately, I have been struggling some with what “fits” here at Farming Grace Daily in regards to content.  I have found myself feeling self-conscious and unsure of pressing publish.  The other day I was timid about a post. Later in the day a reader commented the statement below on our Facebook page.

“Love it when you open up your heart and share with us!”

These few words made all the difference to me.  It helped me to feel that I had touched at least one person and that they appreciated what my heart had to say.

Another time where one person did something simple yet helpful was last Sunday.

An extended family member has been dealing with cancer treatments for some time now.  She lives in another state so there isn’t a great deal I could for her.  Prayer, cards, the occasional email, and a care package.  Those were what I did because if I were dealing with something, I think that would help me.

A couple Sundays ago, to my surprise, I got to see this lovely lady.  She hugged me and through her tears she thanked me.  She said that I would never know what those things meant to her.  Although they helped her, she helped me by letting me know.  In a time when I have been focusing more on myself than others her words brought me back to one of the things I love most.  Helping others.  I’m grateful she let me know.

Whether it’s you or me, it only takes one.  One person to help another person.  One person to show kindness.  One person to extend the hand of grace and love.  Start there.  With one person, then let it grow into a bouquet of beauty.

Peach blossom


Grace is a gift,


One thought on “One. Just One.

  1. Grace and Love! Indeed! Thank you for sharing your thoughts and your insight with all of us. Never worry about pushing the post button. When the butterflies come, that just means that it is worth sharing.
    Thank you for being a faithful contributor to the Country Fair Blog Parties!


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