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Farm Post Friday- 04/01/16 – Acres of Comfort

Farm Post Fridays

Last week we shared our upcoming schedule for the farm in regards to planting.  I decided today would be a good time to visit with you about the size of farming operation we have.  As well as the impact it has on our family and make a request of you.

As you scroll through this post and mentally add up how many acres we farm, you will realize we are not large farmers.  My husband has always said, “as long as I make a comfortable living for my family that is all I want.”

As most of us make our way down the grocery store aisles, fill our vehicle up with gas, or pay that electric bill, we all see how expenses are increasing.  If you own your own business you can probably relate somewhat to what farmers are going through.  Yet farming relies so much on weather I’m not sure it will ever be 100% understanding unless in fact you farm.

I ask  one thing this week.

When you make your way down the bread,  milk, or meat aisle for your weekly shopping that you take a moment to think of those that have provided what you are putting in your cart.  Perhaps you have a connection to a farmer from church or your childhood, the barbershop, an uncle or grandparent, or maybe even a neighbor.  Think of them.  Just as you are grateful for the convenience of the grocery store, we too are grateful for those of you that purchase products made from what we produce.

When my husband begins to plant corn this coming week he will think of you.  He will think of the new season of planting and what he can offer to this ever changing world.  And as he crawls into the tractor for the long hours ahead, hoping the machinery runs correctly while attempting even rows (no GPS for us), he will say a prayer of thanksgiving. Not only for you but for the gift he has been given of farming.

Grace is a gift,


I’ve linked some older blog posts on each crop type/number of acres.  Just click and find your way to some earlier posts about farming!

Corn: 108


Soybeans: 174


Milo (Grain Sorghum): 65

Wheat: 690

girl daughter

2 thoughts on “Farm Post Friday- 04/01/16 – Acres of Comfort

  1. I grew up in Kansas and Colorado. My father is an agronomist so I lived on farms and ag stations my entire life. I am in a big east coast suburb now, and you always help me center my soul back to my roots. Thank you for sharing with us over at country fair blog party! I look forward to your next post. (and P.S. I just looked at the stats, and it looks like you were one of the top clicked on /read posts this month.. you really connect with people!)
    Jan @ tip garden


    1. Jan, Your words are the encouragement I needed lately. Thank you for sharing them. I’m glad I can bring those memories to the forefront of your mind ! Yay on the clicks! 😉 Love visitors to the blog!


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