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Farm Post Friday – 6/10/16 – Many Crops

Farm Post Fridays

We continue to prepare for wheat harvest which means various things.  One of the less than desirable jobs on the farm is cleaning out our grain complex pit.  When the grain semi truck is unloaded, the grain goes down into the pit, and then funneled back up into the grain bin.  Just as we want the grain bins to be clean and ready to go for the new grain harvested, the pit must be as well.

Milton put on his rubber boots, took down a couple 5 gallon buckets, shovel, broom, and hose.  He would fill the buckets with the “gunk” as I like to call it, and I would pull it up to empty.  (If I did this daily my arm muscles would be lookin’ good!)


After all the “gunk” was cleaned out he washed out the pit with water from the garden hose.  We have a pump that pushes the water up and out of the pit.   So now the pit is ready for the new harvested grain!

The wheat is continuing to turn a golden yellow, warmer days help this.  Wheat harvest is just around the corner, weather permitting!

kansas wheat

wheat sunrise

The corn and soybeans are making their way as well to a taller state.  We are pretty content with how things are looking for these two crops.

corn east of farm 662016


This week also marked the beginning of grain sorghum (milo) planting  for us.  This crop will be harvested in the fall.  I remember when Milton and I had our engagement pictures taken.  There was a milo field where our house is now, we had one of the photos taken with us in the field.  Still one of my favorite photos.  I love the color of milo!

farmer milo

Early one morning I couldn’t sleep so I grabbed my camera and made my way down the road.  I wanted to capture the sunrise and the crops.  I hope you enjoy the next set of photos.  Thanks for stopping by and for sharing our farming story!

Grace is a gift,


Sunrise June Kansas Farm

wheat sunrise
Wheat field that our family has farmed for many years. Two generations now.
Kansas wheat wide open spaces
As I walked back home I couldn’t resist taking this photo.  It’s our neighbors field.
corn sunrise
Corn field east of homeplace

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