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Farm Post Friday – 7/15/2016 – More from the Fields

The pictures below were taken on Monday the 11th.  I have marked the photos so you know which what crop you are viewing.

We have planted 126 acres of non-irrigated corn.


We have planted 27  acres of irrigated corn.  This corn was planted after the wheat was harvested in June and straw was baled from the wheat field.  That is the reason it is so much smaller than the previous photograph.  There is a center pivot that irrigates it.

CoRN (1)

We have 64 acres of grain sorghum (milo).  We chose not to plant more for various reasons, one being the grain price and expense combined would not fair well probably for us.  We are fighting weeds in this particular field and he has went out recently and manually cut some out.

Grain Sorghum Milo

We planted 90 acres of  soybeans.  The picture below is flood irrigated.  Which means that my husband goes out twice a day to check on the water, and change the furrows to be watered. The furrows are the trench like rows between the rows of soybeans that water flows down.  We can not water the entire field all at once.  20160711_063911

The photograph below is non-irrigated soybeans in their current state.   The non-irrigated only gets moisture when the rain comes from the sky!  We planted 258 acres of these.

soybeans non irrigated

This past week we have laid more irrigation pipe, this time some plastic pipe that hasn’t been used in about three years.  We will flood irrigate the other side of this field using the pond water.  We brought a motor in and setup next to the pond.

irrigation plastic pipe

This is the pond we will drain water from to water the soybean crop.  It hasn’t been this full for sometime!

Farm pond water

In fact earlier this week it was overflowing into the field of soybeans.  We will not irrigate from the pond until probably August when the soybeans will need moisture more than now.

Soybeans irrigated

This is a close-up of the bloom on a soybean plant.  This is where the bean will produce if all goes well!

soybean bloom

I think this is just a pretty picture in itself.   It’s amazing how from one seed something can produce more goodness.

We’ll leave you for now, but if you have questions be sure to comment here or on our other social media pages.  We look forward to helping you learn more about Kansas Farming!

Grace is a gift,


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