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Spring Activity Begins- 2017

The quiet of winter has halted on the farm.  My husband has started hauling some wheat that we harvested last summer to the grain elevator.  We had contracted it and after spending the last 8 months quietly sitting in our farm grain bins it’s off to bigger and better things!

Wheat hauling 2017 March
Yes this semitrailer has rust but it still works awesomely!

Once the grain bins are empty my husband will clean them out really well in preparation for the upcoming wheat harvest of 2017.  This is the wheat in one of our fields we will harvest.


This winter we did not feed cattle like we normally do. So my husband’s mornings didn’t have to start super early.  But he still kept busy with various construction side jobs and farm work.  He cut down and burned some areas of tree rows along fields and did dirt work to maintain his fields.

tree row cleanup

Milton also sells hay and periodically loads large bales for those buying it.

hay tractor

With spring arriving the farm work will get busier and busier for Milton.  In a couple weeks he will begin planting corn and then in May soybeans.  This farmwife will cherish the slower side of things when given them that is for sure!

Although farming is a great importance in my husband’s life, fatherhood is a treasure.  It’s amazing how, in the past nine years  he has become the father that he is.  This little girl is pretty lucky I think!

BB gun daughter father time
Rotten eggs = Dad teaching you to shoot with a BB gun

I have kept busy with our new twin grandsons being born and helping my daughter.  We are blessed to have four grandchildren now!  Until next time, thanks for stopping by!


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