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VVDDP- 2017

Our annual dinner party has come and gone. It was so good to re-connect with friends.  The laughter that is shared between friends is something that revitalizes a person’s life I think.  This particular group of friends really does bring the laughter to my life.  I’m not really sure why we don’t spend more time together, I guess life gets in the way.

We decided to keep the dinner quite simple this year.  The first couple years of VVDDP we went the fancy dinner party route.  Although I do enjoy dressing up a table and making delicious food, as the years have gone by I find myself just wanting to go the easier path.  The few short hours with friends seems to have made it’s way to the top of the list instead of impressing them.  I think they are okay with that as well.

The platter was my mother’s as well.

The menu was grilled butterfly pork chops, mashed potatoes, crockpot corn, broccoli, and dinner rolls.  I actually made the same dessert as I did last year, chocolate mousse and strawberry pie, only in miniature form.  I promise next year we’ll have a different dessert folks!

We started the evening out by our daughter playing a couple songs for our guests on the piano.  She also hit them up for girl scout cookie buying and they obliged! 🙂


During the post, you might notice one of the couples looking pretty cozy while at the same time smiling in the same manner every photo taken.  This couple was not able to make it so they sent their cardboard selves to hang out! This particular couple is pretty funny and when the guests arrived I had them sitting at the dinner table, each had their own laughing gasp upon being greeted by them!



I picked up a few table decorations after Christmas at Target and then went with dark pink roses.  The roses were placed in a depression glass bowl that was my mothers.


I guess I decided without even noticing that I wanted this meal to be more like a family meal than a dinner party.  I also used yellow glass bowls from my childhood to serve parts of the meal.


The party favors for our guests were simple as well.  There was a jar of candy, clipboard I decorated, and a “What I love about you today” notepad.  I think this is my favorite thing to do out of everything for gatherings!


Each year we play games and whichever couple won the year before has to provide the games for the next year. S & G were hosts for games and in true form they came with awesomeness!


THIS is harder than you think!

My personal favorite was the one where we had to work together, with our lips, to carry a tennis ball from one spot to another spot then drop it into a jar. I’m not posting a picture, it’s not real flattering but it is fun!

Then the bouncing a ping pong ball to your spouse while they had to catch it in a plastic cup, seven times high.  A few other games and the room was laughing and couples advising each other how to do better.  Thank you to S & G for a round of awesome games and prizes!  Finally after all these years Milton & I won!  So now to start planning for next year!


Thanks to our friends for coming to our home for the evening. It brings us much joy and are grateful you are all in our lives.

If you haven’t met up with a friend or two lately, I would highly advise it! Have a super February folks!  Happy Valentine’s Day!







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