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Life Around the Farm – Spring 2019

The winter has left us pretty soggy but we have no room to complain since our friends to the North have been hit so hard.  The flooding up in Nebraska breaks our hearts and we are praying for them and others. Please join us!



As the new season of Spring arrived today I find myself feeling joy yet also a tad bit of anxiety.  I always feel this way this time of year.  The reason is the quiet of the winter months for our farm is being awakened.  The hustle and bustle of spring planting is just around the corner and with that brings more work, more time apart as a family and also much goodness.

The sunshine upon our faces, green grass in our yard,  longer evenings to take walks  and view stellar sunsets.  Not to forget softball games to attend and school to be out for a fun summer of events and have my girl around daily!

I know the farmer has the grain drill to do work on as I saw the bills for the parts come across our desk.  This winter, he has been lucky to have some side work and then also to finally see the light at the end of the tunnel on a rental house they have been remodeling.  The grain drill is next on the list among other things. He actually started the work yesterday afternoon while this post was being written!


My winter months were filled with working on a commission quilt for a friend, I can’t show you the quilt but here’s a snapshot of both of us working on it!  Milton helps me with my quilts, very grateful for that.

Farming Grace Daily (8)

Spring planting of corn and soybeans is just around the corner and before we know it we will find ourselves with a red combine in the farm-yard.  It will need to have maintenance  before ever hitting golden fields of wheat.


We hope to be able to harvest all 500 acres of wheat we have planted. Only time will tell, for the weather has and always will be a factor in our lives.  Milton was unable to plant as many acres as years past due to moisture even last fall.  So our harvest will be somewhat shorter we think this year.

Wheat’s current state 

Before that we have our annual Landlord appreciation dinner scheduled for the first weekend in May. We changed things up this year to see if we like it better. We will be praying for a beautiful day,  as we have chosen to go with a backyard barbecue!  I have the invitations on their way to us, menu planned, table decor and party favors started!  I can’t believe it’s only about a month away!  I better get moving and make that shopping list!

Here’s to another season in our lives where we don’t know what lies ahead but we will continue to grow the crops, raise our daughter, worship the Lord and remember to be grateful for what we have before us.  May you all have a wonderful spring!

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