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April 2019 – Corn Planting

Our 2019 spring crop planting season officially began this week on the 16th. The little planter we have is only a 6 row and to be honest we would really like to have a larger one. Since Milton is the only one actively farming, a larger one would help to get the crops in the ground quicker. But that is for the future, here’s hoping this one will hold out another season or two! If you have recently spoke to a farmer about grain prices or cost of equipment you know why I am saying this!

The plan is to plant 340 acres of corn. While writing this post he has approximately 130 acres planted. This week’s commitments, other than the farm, are taking precedence though, as they should. Such as kid’s band concerts, 2 funerals, Holy week services, taking his Dad to doctor appointments, not to mention a couple parts runs. The corn will get in the ground. We just have to hope for the best and push forward in our line of work.

He had to also work on the planter some!

Tuesday he had a long haul of it and spent 12 hours in the tractor cab and came in about 11:30 p.m. Rain hit our area last evening (Wednesday) so Milton came in around 8:30 p.m. A new day has begun and the 210 acres to go, well hopefully he can jump in the cab of that tractor and spread a little seed here and there!

The few weeks leading up to the planting season beginning Milton focused on making some much needed updates to the John Deere grain drill/air seeder we use. We use this to plant soybeans and what Kansas is known for – WHEAT!

He spent his days in the shed pounding parts into place and removing old used things. I won’t go into details, I just trust they were needed! It makes the farm wife feel better when she sees the large bill come across her desk to say that! 🙂

So the season of busyness has arrived, before we know it we will be harvesting the 500 plus acres of wheat that is currently growing!

On the entertaining kitchen front we are hosting our annual landlord appreciation dinner here in a couple weeks in May. I will be busy the week after Easter preparing for it and hoping I can pull it off! It’s to be outdoors this year so here’s hoping the rain and wind stay away!

Thanks for stopping by and we hope you enjoy our farm updates! Be sure to follow us on social media too!


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