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Wheat Harvest 2019

This year I decided to make it less stressful for myself and just blog after the harvest. I still posted daily on our Facebook and Instagram pages. So if you want to follow along that way head over to our pages! While you’re there LIKE our pages!

We began harvesting on June 26th after attempting to on the 21st. It was a no go on the 21st due to all our wheat not being ready. Then the next day we recieved another 3 inches of rain. Needless to say that made it so my brother was unable to help this year. He was only here for a short bit. We all miss him and I know he loves helping!

Honestly the best thing about this year’s wheat harvest was the fact the we decided to really get our 11 year old involved. She was a tremendous help weighing the trucks. She also helped run the combine on one of the fields. Dad was training her and she did pretty good for her first time he said. So proud of our girl! Honestly, she never really complained either and it was seriously warm some of those days!

Our harvest ended on June 30, 2019. We had 485 acres to harvest with a Case IH 6088 combine, Volvo semi truck and a Chevrolet grain truck. One truck driver this year and us girls took care of weighing the trucks and filling the grain bins! Farmer ran the combine as usual!

Our yields went from 39 to 61 but we are pleased we had some grain to harvest! Double crop soybeans are next to get planted asap!

The grandkids came out to ride which is a real treat! Papa loves having kiddos in the combine with him!

The meals were basic and I only fed us three as the truck drivers likes to bring his own food. I had a couple meals and cookie dough in the freezer so it was nice. We ate alot of sandwiches too!

One thing I did that wasn’t fun is I sprained my ankle pretty bad. I was heading off our deck and stepped in a hole. Believe me when I say it hurt super bad and our daughter heard a few choice words from my mouth! I sent her on her way to help unload a truck and I crawled into the house. But that was the only injury we had so all is good! 🙂 AND no breakdowns!

Another set of grandkids got to the farm just we finished unloading the last truck. So they helped clean up and sweep the last of the wheat into the pit! SUCH good helpers! They love them brooms folks!

The things I loved about this harvest were that it was short (5 days) and that our daughter really got involved so it was family affair! There are positives and negatives of having such a short harvest but we will be fine. That’s how my hubs always feels and this go around I agree! We celebrated by going out for dinner together and just relaxing together!

Thanks for stopping by! We hope you continue to join us on this farming journey we are on!


Shots from Wheat Harvest 2019

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