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2020 Wheat Crop & 2019 Soybean Harvest

This post was started a week or so ago… I’m just now getting around to publishing it. Of recent we have not done any farm work. The rain has been coming and going and coming again. Let’s hope it clears off next week so we can get back to what we need to do!

Preparing for our wheat crop that will be harvested June/July 2020 is already in the works! This week the farmer took the seed wheat to be cleaned. It’s rainy so instead of harvesting soybeans he is prepping trucks and the grain drill. Before ya know it, the wheat will be in the ground! It grows looking like grass and then becomes dormant over the winter. Then comes out of dormancy and grows (hopefully) into some beautiful amber waves of grain like this picture from a previous year!

In our area the plant dates for wheat are September 25- October 20th. Last year was a very wet fall so we weren’t able to get all our acres of wheat in. Here’s hoping 2019 fall planting goes much better! We had a short wheat harvest this year for sure! On our farm we also raise corn, milo (sorghum) and soybeans. Which means that this time of year is a busy one for Milton.

One moment he may be doing something to get wheat ready or sowing it, the next we might find him harvesting soybeans or milo or hauling it to the elevator. There are fields that need to be burnt prior to wheat sowing and a farm kid’s volleyball games to sneak to here and there along with getting rest.

Harvesting our first field of soybeans for 2019 harvest! He got this field completely cut!

Unfortunately the last couple days, there has not been much soybean harvest due to rain. Milton had to have the combine header looked at the day it was possible to cut. Then he made some repairs for a couple hours. In the long run this repair will hopefully save us a large amount of money! I’d much rather spend $500 verses $10,000 on a repair!

I really do enjoy watching Milton in his element. I can tell he is quite happy and even more content most of the time with his life choice of farming. It kinda makes his wife’s heart go “pitter-patter” at times! Not that either of us loves repairs or breakdowns but there’s nothing he’d rather be doing! Farming is for him!

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