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In Between The Sunsets of Life

The last few weeks leading up to writing this post have been spent in reflection of where I have been and where I am currently. The past five or six years I’ve felt more out of touch and out of place than ever in my life. At the pace of a snail it seems time has finally brought me to a place of possible balance. I believe a sense of calibration has been occurring within me. My moods swings are less and I chalk some of that up to me calling a truce on repeated arguments with others.

On the blogging side of things I changed it up a few years back thinking I needed a fresh canvas – so to speak.. This is where I could say I made a mistake but I don’t believe I did. I think moving to a new blog and title was a learning experience. Everything around me influences me and there were certain aspects that did just that to come these decisions. Farming Grace Daily was created and I’m proud of what I’ve placed there. But my heart has always been with the original blog.

In Between the Sunsets of Life

When I say the name of that blog or read it – I smile. I always have. I have come to the following conclusion as to why. I enjoyed the process of creating it in 2012 . The main reason I love the name is because my husband and I created it together. Yes folks he is more than just a farm model for me! 🙂

I struggled about a name for our blog for a few months. Out of the blue in a conversation with my spouse the perfect one was created. I knew in that instant it was the RIGHT ONE!Farming Grace Daily is a good name. But at times I feel guilty because grace isn’t what I’m giving out, especially on rough days, or in the past few years.

Between the Sunsets of Life reminds me why I began writing. Why I enjoyed the kitchen and taking photographs of my family. Why the family story and the farm story matters.

So I have combined the old blog with the other old blog and updated the name, as you might have noticed. I enjoy using wordpress more than blogger so that is why we landed here.

The old site is still up and I have my printed versions of the blog as well. So hopefully someday my grandchildren and great grandchildren will see what it was like for us. I mostly write for them anyway – my family that is.

But feel free to follow along by clicking the FOLLOW button on this page or by following us on Instagram or Facebook or Pinterest.

Thanks for stopping by! I already have a couple posts for the future! That’s a great start! 🙂


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