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Life After Wheat Harvest

The following was started around July 19th…. Late August and I am just now finishing it up!

Life immediately after wheat harvest is one that is filled with planting soybeans and milo. This year Milton was able to get approximately 1233 acres planted with the majority of acres being soybeans. Milton decided once again to not plant crops for forage and not to get cattle this winter.

Irrigating the crops has begun which means checking the flood irrigation twice a day or more. This is somewhat time consuming but this past week much needed with the high heat in Central Kansas.

We rented a cabin in Colorado for five days and just did a few tourist things. My husband loves Colorado, I like it too but my body doesn’t. I usually get allergies bad and some degree of altitude sickness. This time not as bad as the last but still hard for me. It was enjoyable to get away with him and the farm kid!

We returned to find the crops had grown and things were just fine on the farm! We are lucky because we have a neighbor that helps us during both harvests and while we are on our family vacation. He took care of the flood irrigation and our center pivot irrigation. We greatly appreciate this time away for our family to reconnect, rest and reboot for the coming months. Whitewater rafting was the hubs and kiddo’s favorite activity!


August 16th the husband and I took off to do a crop tour alone as our daughter was back at school. I was able to get some shots I really liked! I hope you enjoy them too!

The orange in this photo of grain sorghum is pollen. I just love how the grain sorghum looks when it’s all orange and rust colored! Fall is on it’s way folks!

Our fall crops currently growing are as follows. 337 acres of corn, 133 acres of milo and 763 acres of soybeans. Harvest will begin in Mid September with corn.

Thanks for stopping by! Until next time!

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