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Flood Irrigation and Family Reunions

Our Labor Day holiday weekend was spent the best way I could ever think of! With family. Family that lives near and family that lives far away! My husband and I hosted a family reunion for my siblings and their families. I’m the planner of the four siblings and we like to host things, well I do, my husband tags along without complaining! 🙂 I have one brother and before he got to play he had to work! He comes all the way from Wyoming to hang out and usually ends up doing some sort of farm work. Don’t let him kid you though, he loves it!

Last Friday he helped Milton pick up flood irrigation pipe on our corn field. We are done irrigating the corn and before we harvest it has to be picked up. Luckily my brother doesn’t mind helping! Both were ready to relax by evening and I didn’t blame them!

We will harvest the corn this month sometime. We had rain on Friday and Saturday over the weekend, it’s been a wetter year for us. Milton checked the moisture on another field of non-irrigated corn and it was 24, which is way too high. We like to see it around 17 when time to harvest.

The family reunion we hosted around 40 people with everyone there except for 3. I would say that is a pretty good turnout! My parents passed away in 2014 and 2015 so getting together is special to me. I made a quilt for a giveaway at the reunion. It included 4 quilt blocks my mother had sewn. I placed them on the back of the quilt. My brother was the lucky winner! Rick’s son and him also took home the prizes for the Cornhole tournament we had. Apparently it was his lucky weekend! 🙂

On labor day it was time to rest but only in the morning when my siblings & I gathered together to catch up alone. My husband just isn’t the type to do that much so by afternoon he once again had my brother over at the farm yard. They planned to replace the chains on the corn header. Unfortunately the new ones Milton ordered were incorrect. The company had shipped the wrong ones. So they found something else to do for awhile! I was able to snap a photo or two of them removing the old chains though!

My brother headed back to Wyoming on Tuesday so Milton was on his own for farm work and I was able to get some things cleaned up around home. So life is back to how it normally is. But before we know it, fall harvest will begin and it stretches out for a few weeks. Here’s hoping we have lots to blog about from that experience!

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