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Corn Harvest 2019 – After Supper Attempts

After sixteen years of marriage to a Kansas farmer I should know how farm life goes and last night was one that didn’t go as I had in my mind. My hope was to have a nice supper the three of us and then spend the evening together. The reason was because the rest of the week is filled with volleyball practices, confirmation class, ballgames and the farmer traveling. After sixteen years of marriage I also know when corn harvest is approximately going to arrive. September.

As we ate together over a delicious meal my husband mentions he is going to go try the corn after supper. Sixteen years ago I would have thrown a hissy fit at that. (I’m a big enough person to admit this.) But instead I just kept quiet and accepted my defeat and change of plans. I know that a hissy fit wouldn’t make a difference. I also knew I had a 50/50 chance that the corn would still be too wet. I lost. It was perfect. Moisture came in at around 16.

So… as any good Ag blogging wife would do I assembled my headphones, tablet and phone and headed to the field to document the new season we are in. Harvest! I jumped on social media and luckily the field we were at had connection so I went live for a minute or two. I took video and snapped some shots that I love. The sun was setting and the corn was ready to cut and all was right with the world! šŸ™‚ In my farmer husband’s eyes that is. Of course I hung around long enough to take him back to get the two trucks so he could fill them before coming home to rest up for tomorrow.

Corn 2019

I came home and made sure the farm kid was in bed at a decent time, which didn’t quite go as planned either since she lost another tooth. I hung out cutting quilt blocks and waiting for a call to take him back to the field to get the second truck. Which didn’t occur, he left it there. Communication is lacking at times with this guy – this I know after sixteen years of marriage as well. So I made my way to bed and as I sit here this morning typing away I have already heard the hired hand taking the semi to the elevator and the farmer is working away to spend the next several hours harvesting more corn.

Sunset on the Horizon. Corn Harvest 2019. Case IH

Time spent together will not occur much before his travels but we will have grain to sell to provide for our family. Thankful for this I am, especially after being married to a farmer for over sixteen years.

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