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Sometimes I Forget

Sometimes I forget she didn’t come from my womb. At times I fail to understand why she reacts a certain way. Or why her hair is on the thinner side and her skin is more of an olive skin tone than mine.

Sometimes I see her dad in her and am amazed how nurture can exceed nature. And when I see her actions resemble those of my own I find a small smile creep across my face. When the lessons she learned at confirmation she ties in with her coach’s words from practice blow me away.

Throughout the 11.5 years I’ve known this human I catch myself almost skipping a breath in complete awe. Not because of something she has done or said but because God created her. God protected her while she was in another’s womb growing with not much prenatal care. God had a safe delivery and entrusted her to us within 15 minutes of birth. God has continued to protect her while she grows here, with us.

God chose us to be her parents through adoption.


A Kansas couple that farms and lives a pretty simple life but a very blessed one at that.

My other two children, I also know God created them and giving birth to them was an extradinary experience in itself. Perhaps the awe of God creating this third child is partly because I didn’t feel her kick or watch my belly grow or have monthly appointments or labor pains.

As I sit here and write this post I wonder if other adoptive parents get what I mean?

I haven’t written about adoption for quite awhile. It just felt like I needed to put into words how watching this little girl turning young lady, reminds me of how God can do so much. Having her reminds me that even when I thought I was done, He knew I was not. That even when I doubt my mothering I need to look at her and remember HE chose me to be her mommy. I am so grateful to HIM.

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