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Every Quilt Has A Story- Mine Began with Mom

I know every flaw in this small stack of quilts I’ve made and feel love I put into them. I can look at one and feel how I felt while making it and also recall why I made it. Whether the quilt brought me frustration or glee there was a purpose for making it.

Three short years ago I started quilting regularly. Although on occasion I spend too much time in my quilt room, it’s brought me a sense of purpose in my life. The quilts are starting to stack up and I could give more away but at this point I want to make sure my immediate family members each have one.

I’ve gifted quite a few of the 40 plus quilts made and donated one to a fundraiser. There has been a lot of money spent that could have been used elsewhere. At times, I feel guilty for spending money on a hobby. This summer I made it a point to get all my quilt tops made into actual quilts. I succeeded at my goal and also made some with scraps verses buying all new fabric. It helped me justify my hobby in my head I think! 🙂 I also designed a few lap quilts myself and felt a sense of accomplishment with that. I do not do the actual quilting, I have to pay someone to do most of mine. Simple quilting I am able to do but enjoy the piecing part more.

I was visiting with my eldest daughter a while back and as always she points out which ones she likes the best. It was nice to spend time with her and having her take interest in something that I enjoy. At one point Tash said “you’re great grandchildren will appreciate them.”

I can only hope.

I think one of the main reasons I like to quilt is because it makes me think of my mother. She would sew and did all sorts of crafts in her lifetime. I’d say out of my four siblings I accepted the position of having a craft room filled with stuff like Mom! 🙂

Prior to three years ago the only quilts I made were with my mother and there were only three. I have photos of mom in the quilting room and the view out my window is a memory garden with a yellow rose bush in her memory. A painting she did hangs nearby when I sew.

I never knew I’d still miss that lady so much four years later. I can’t imagine not being able to communicate with my own girls almost daily. I didn’t visit daily with Mom when she was alive, but I’d give anything to hear her voice or get a text from her now. But I’ll sit in my room and remember her best I can. So I guess quilting helps me to feel closer to my own mother in a bittersweet way.

It’s been said “every quilt has a story” and I believe that is true. I enjoy writing and quilting, perhaps in the future I can combine these creative avenues to make a legacy of my own for generations to come.

Do you have a hobby you enjoy? One that was taught by a generation before you or that you are teaching the next generation? I’d love to hear about it! Comment or share on our social media platforms!

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