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Caramel Apple Cake From Belly Full

As I’ve mentioned before my husband loves sheet cakes because his mother always has one sitting around it seems. He grew up with the reward of being able to walk into the house for a drink of water and as he walked out snagging a piece of homemade deliciousness! I don’t make too many for a few reasons but I wanted to surprise him when he arrived home from his hunting trip.

Last week I found this Caramel Apple Cake from Belly Full! It is delish folks – so go head over to her blog and snatch up the recipe and make one for yourself! I promise your won’t be disappointed! This cake is very moist! I am not a huge fan of frosting or icing, the reason for a section with no icing! But either way I have snuck a few pieces of cake myself. It’s farmer approved, Milton is enjoying it! Now that corn harvest is back in full force he will have a homemade dessert for his meals in the field!

Thanks for stopping by and now that fall has arrived apples are ready for the picking to make this great cake!


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