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From Kansas Dirt to Colorado Camo

My farmer husband has spent twenty plus years going on an annual hunting trip with brothers and friends. I can for sure say that this trip and farming are the only two things in life he wouldn’t give up. The man loves farming and getting dirt on his clothes more than anything but this trip is a close second. It hits in September and when he returns we don’t see much of him. Perhaps the trip is to prepare the farm kid and myself! Fall harvest and wheat sowing kick into gear full force as he arrives home. This year harvesting corn began a few days before leaving to hunt but he left with fields that weren’t quite ready. I’m pretty sure they are now but there is rain in our forecast!

While Milton was away this year I enjoyed time in my quilting room and just having an opporunity to clear my mind. The farm kid decided that riding her bike in the farm yard was to be a daily occurence after volleyball practice. Years ago I hated this trip, it was a long 8 to 10 days but now, so many years into it, I kind of like it. It gives my husband an opportunity to relax, because honestly he doesn’t do that unless you literally take him away from the farm. It gives me time with our daughter alone and as I mentioned more “me” time.

In the beginning when our relationship was all about being together ( okay more me than him) I wanted him to feel special while away. His first year away I made a “care package” which has now turned into an annual tradition. Although his package now is more like homemade cards from his daughter and his favorite snacks verses gushy love notes, it’s still fun.

Milton plays along and leaves goodies for our daughter as well. Cards, some even homemade and her favorite snacks and gum or a small lego set. He also leaves a few cards for me and I can usually expect flowers to be delivered some time during the week. In 17 years he has only not sent flowers one time. 🙂

It’s not really about the material items. It’s about making the other person feel special and know that although they are away, we’re still thinking of them.

I guess it’s an old fashion way of showing love. I, myself LOVE getting cards and letters in that thing we still randomly use called a mailbox!

When he first started going I don’t even think he had a cell phone that first year! And there definitely was no Snapchat or texting or picture messaging.

This is a photo he was able to send of the beautful trees in Colorado while hunting. Unfortunately this year he is coming back empty handed – no elk or deer. But as he puts it, it’s about the “hunt.” I honestly think it’s just about a bunch of guys hanging around a campfire nightly after walking miles and miles all day. But ya… whatever makes you happy honey! 🙂

This year the reception wasn’t too good or so he tells us. LOL So texting is about it and an occasional cutting out phone call, either way it’s okay. We know he loves us and is itching to get back to Kansas to jump in that red combine before long! 🙂

Do you have an annual trip you take? Does it replenish you? Thanks for stopping by!


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