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2019 Corn Harvest – That’s A Wrap

Our corn harvest began around September 9th and then stopped until the 23rd. The farmer went on his annual hunting trip and when he returned the corn was ready to go!

Sometimes the meals were served at the field so the farm kid could see her dad for a few minutes. It was fun on this night to have dinner out the back of our vehicle. The breeze was nice and just enjoyable all around! We had baked chicken legs, green bean bacon bundles and stuffed mushrooms. Not all our meals are fancy like this but I was off that day and it was all made in the oven so no big deal!

Another evening he was cutting corn basically in our backyard and it was timed just right that he could make his way to the dinner table. This is my all time favorite spot with family – our dinner table! Evening meals together has always been very important to me. Makes my heart glad when all 12 of us can gather around it!

The evening around the table was fried pork chops, homemade mac and cheese and carrots. It always reminds me of my mother when I make fried pork chops. I guess we had them alot growing up made that way. 🙂

As I headed to my town job one morning I snapped this photo of Milton cleaning the windows of the combine. For those of you that have never experienced a harvest just know there is a great deal of dust and stuff flying around! He cut past dark as well which means bugs. Milton likes to have a clean window to start his day of harvesting out right!

We finished corn harvest on September 26, 2019. Our yields ranged from 74 to 130 non-irrigated and on the irrigated up to 158.

The farmer began working the next day on things to prepare for sowing wheat for our 2020 crop. One of the things was working the irrigation pivot ruts out. We are no-till but he uses a small piece of equipment on the tractor to push the dirt back in. The ruts are made when the center pivot circles around continuously while watering a crop. The sowing will go much smoother if he takes the time to do this. The plan is to sow wheat into this field so we will have some irrigated wheat this next season out by back door!

On that day Milton also burned two fields in the late afternoon. The wind had died down enough to do this and there were several other farmers in our area doing the same thing. My allergies didn’t really enjoy it but it’s a must for us! Seed wheat is scheduled to be cleaned on Monday so that will need to be loaded into the truck on Sunday.

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